Rental Scams Beware!!

Rental Scams- Beware
Rental Scams- Beware

The rental market here in the Tracy and Mountain House area is HOT! It seems that with the opening of the new High School in Mountain House and opening of Amazon distribution center in Tracy the rental market has picked up.


Mountain House High School
Mountain House High School

As a property manager here in Tracy, CA for HBR Rentals  I have seen the demand in recent months. Many of our current property owners are not having many vacancies and placing tenants within weeks of listing their rental.

Recently their have been reports of rental scams. This is concerning as a property manager and I urge my tenants to be thorough in their search for their new home. The scammers portray themselves as having a home available for rent and taking money from potential renters.

Tenants respond to Craigslist ad complete the application and pay the fees to these individuals. However, in most cases these homes are not even available for rent. The scammers mimic the advertising for homes that are listed for sale, most are vacant homes but in some cases owners still are living in the home.

It is always best practice to do some further research. Contacting the property managers office to confirm the individual you are communicating with is indeed  the authorized agent. As a licensed Realtor I have the ability to confirm who owner on record is for a property. Some of my tenants reach out for my assistance when they are looking for a home and want to confirm they are not getting scanned. Even if the listing is not one of our own we can always help confirm.

Do not provide personal information or pay fees to someone before seeing the property! Remember the saying : “if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t”







Multiple offers during open house event!


My Open house event this past weekend. I had a new listing come up last week. The seller of course wanted to ensure we hit the road running and wanted to host an open house. It also happened to be Memorial Day weekend. I was hesitant on hosting this open house because I thought “how many people will actually be around”.

Open House Event – Manteca

Of course I was not one of those who was planning on hitting the freeway and spending my weekend in traffic jams. So since I would be celebrating the holiday weekend close to home. I decided to stay and host the open house. I started marketing the home early in the week. Posting the date and time on all my social media and websites. It was going to be a very warm weekend, in the mid 90’s. I planned the open house event for only two hours from 1:00 to 3:00 PM on Saturday. My co-worker mentioned that was a very short time frame for an open house. I kindly said “Well then I better sell it in two hours”!

I showed up early, set up my open house signs on all the major cross streets and before I could even get the door unlocked, here walks my first visitor of the day. I asked them to please wait as I opened the windows and turned on the lights! This was a sign, it was going to be a good day!

This first family came and stayed for quite some time. This was not a very large home yet they came in and went back out to the rear yard to check things out. I gave them their space but after a while I let them know all the repairs and upgrades the seller had completed. They thanked me and left.

Not long after this the crowd of families just kept coming. At just a little past 3:00 PM I decided it was time to close shop. As I was getting read to lock the door, here comes the last visitor of the day. Of course I graciously let him back into the home. He tells me he was rushing over and didn’t want to miss the open house.

So my theory that having an open house during a major holiday weekend was not a good idea turned out to be wrong! It was a very successful weekend and my seller was ecstatic as he received multiple offers.  The buyers were just as happy as they had been looking for a home for several months and in about 30 days will be moving into their new home!

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